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"Alice" illustrated by Oleg Lipchenko
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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Illustrated by Oleg Lipchenko
Published 2007 by Studio Treasure, Toronto, Canada
ISBN: 978-0-9783613-0-3
Reviewed by Andrew Sellon

     I first met artist Oleg Lipchenko and his wife Nataliya at the LCSNA's fall 2006 meeting in New York City. At that time, Oleg had with him a large portfolio of original renderings for his planned new edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which he graciously shared with anyone who expressed interest. I remember sitting with the portfolio on my lap, turning page after page with a growing surge of delight and admiration at the astonishing creativity and draftsmanship before me. There were so many things to admire, I truly felt as though I was glimpsing someone's personal wonderland. The layout was simply stunning. Everywhere my eye fell there were vividly realized characters and images, almost a giddy surfeit of fascinating creations pouring across the pages. I say "pouring" advisedly, because one of the most satisfying elements of Oleg's design scheme is the dreamlike fluidity of the images, and how smoothly he swirls the black, white, and sepia visual elements through and around the artfully placed text. Characters and objects seem almost to melt across the pages as vivid, surreal images might float about in a dreamer's mind. The choice of color palette and painstaking specificity of the pen and ink detailing are simultaneously Victorian and timeless. Oleg told me that (like Lewis Carroll) he was self-publishing the book to maintain complete artistic control of his personal vision. Now that the finished book is in my hands, I can only applaud that brave, doubtless expensive decision.
     The hardcover edition is elegantly simple on the outside: plain milk chocolate-colored boards, with the flowing title embossed in gold on the cover. The book has been beautifully printed by The Stinehour Press in Vermont, closely supervised by Oleg. While perhaps no printing process will ever capture the breathtaking beauty of an artist's original renderings, this book is probably as close as one could hope to come: substantial and handsome paper stock, crisply rendered black detailing, warm sepia tones. The end papers greet you with an elegant collage of the amusing characterizations we will meet inside; these pages alone would be worth the price of the book. But there is ever so much more discovery awaiting the reader, always beautifully balanced with the text. This is one of those editions where you simply can't wait to turn the page and see what unique vision will greet you next. I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite characterization from the eccentrics on display. I will say that Oleg's Alice would likely lose a staring match with Tenniel's, but she does have simple beauty, and a quiet grace and openness of her own. Understandably, it's with the denizens of Wonderland that Oleg's quasi-Dickensian, quasi-cartoonish artistry shines—the clueless and hapless Bill, the argyle-sweatered professorial Tortoise, the sad-eyed and bulbous-nosed Hatter, and so many more.
     I can only hope that Oleg will do the second Alice as well, and in less than the thirty years it took to produce this gem. It's not an inexpensive edition (it's limited to 226 copies, some already sold), and it's just been announced that the Stinehour Press is regrettably closing down), but if you can manage it, do yourself a favor: buy a copy from Olegs website while you still can, curl up in a cozy chair in a quiet room like Alice at the beginning of Looking-Glass, and enjoy the trip to Wonderland all over again, courtesy of Lewis Carroll and Oleg Lipchenko.




Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll. Illustrated by Oleg Lipchenko
Toronto, ON: Tundra Books, 2009
94 pp., hardcover, $24.99
ISBN 978-0-88776-932-0

Grades 3 and up / Ages 8 and up


Reviewed by Valerie Nielsen

**** /4

"…and what is the use of a book," thought Alice, "without pictures or conversations?"

A hundred and fifty-five years after the original publication of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in 1865, Tundra Books has published a new edition, one illustrated by noted painter Oleg Lipchenko, a member of Ukrainian Union of artists based in Toronto. While the conversations in Carroll's unabridged classic are the same—

"Take some more tea," the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly.

"I've had nothing yet," Alice replied in an offended tone, "so I can't take more."

"You mean you can't take less," said the Hatter: "it's very easy to take more than nothing."

     —the pictures are very different. Lipchenko's style of drawing, executed in brown color filled in with ochre watercolour, is bound to produce something of an artistic shock to those readers brought up on Tenniel's carefully constructed, classical black and white depictions of Alice and the peculiar characters inhabiting her dream world.

     Lipchenko's words on the subject of his illustrations are both important and illuminating to those who are encountering this new edition of the children's classic. He says of his work:

This book is an Art project—not just another Alice. Every aspect of creation of this book is Art, from the visualization of the story's world, filled with strange yellowish atmosphere, until the finalized physical appearance of the book, which is the Art of Printing.

     In an excerpt from a presentation entitled "Drawing Treacle Well or how to illustrate Alice" made to the Lewis Carroll Society of North America (which, by the way, has given the artist's fresh vision of Alice its solid approval) Lipchenko says that he began working on illustrating Alice many years ago when his daughter was very young, using black and white drawings done in pen and ink. He stopped working on these drawings after he was advised by friends that they were too dark and unsuitable for a children's book. Changing his technique to one he felt would appeal more to a young audience, he began making sketches using coloured pencils based on his reading of Alice in a Russian translation. When he eventually began to read (and re-read) Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in English, he discovered various perspectives which changed his view of Alice significantly enough for him to put aside the work for several years.

      Of his final series of drawings, those that appear in the book, the artist speaks of the style of the pages themselves or the style of the layout of these pages as being of primary importance. Because of the theatrical side of the story, as well as its rich literary context, Lipchenko has divided the layout of the pages into three parts, each different in color and content. The brown and ochre watercolors of the main images are meant to create the feeling of the sepia tones of old photographs. The black and white images that surround the brown illustrations function as the scene's generic decoration; a sort of curtain or frame in which everything that takes place in the scene (including dialogue) is set apart. The third aspect of the all-important layout, according to the artist, is the text, the body of which is shaped so that it will flow with the borders of the black and white drawings.

      Lipchenko says that one of the difficult issues he had to deal with was the depiction of Alice herself. Although the story is told from her point of view, and there is much information about her character, there is virtually none about her appearance. Lipchenko's depiction of Alice is as unlike Tenniel's as it could be (apart from her patent leather Mary-Jane shoes). Far from a proper Victorian dress, stiff bearing and long headband-controlled hair, the 2009 Alice has untidy fringed hair, a plain white-collared dress and a decidedly mischievous set of expressions. The characters inhabiting Wonderland bear resemblance neither to Tenniel's nor to the Disneyfied versions thereof with which modern children have been brought up.

      There is much to enjoy and pore over in this brand new edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Highly Recommended.

Valerie Nielsen, a retired teacher-librarian, lives in Winnipeg, MB




New Edition

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
By Lewis Carroll.
Illustrated by Oleg Lipchenko.
Tundra. 2009

Reviewed by Dr. Andrea Deakin
Okanagan College Library

Firstly, this is not an edition for young children, it would be better for them to choose the original Tenniel illustrations or the Kate Greenaway Medal winning version by Helen Oxenbury. This is in no way a criticism of Lipchenko's work, but rather a guide for those who want to buy a copy of Alice for young children.
Oleg Lipchenko's Alice is for older readers who appreciate a different approach to classical material. His contemporary Alice dreams herself into a surreal world where the eye that weeps the tears builds from a sea of water and drops its tears into that same sea, where the surroundings are patterned with a familiar which is not quite real. Each page requests close examination as the darkly shaded borders reveal more and more - both realistic and fantastic.
This is a fine and revealing version of Alice, eye-catching from the delicate half-drawing of a rose and the haughty dignity of a flamingo as the hedgehogs escape him to the wry humour of a pig flying through the queen's hoop. The fine detail and creative fantasy of the borders, part real part surreal, present Alice in a new intriguing way.




Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland/Book Review

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Lewis Carroll
Illustrated by Oleg Lipchenko
Tandra Books, 2009

By: Irene Roth 07 Jul 2010

Ever since its publication in November of 1865, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has been a landmark in children’s literature. Each time Alice takes her famous tumble down the rabbit-hole, she carries thousands of newcomers and thousands of seasoned travellers with her to Wonderland, where very little seems to make sense, and yet, so much is very wise. 
Over one hundred and fifty years later, the thrill of the adventure is as fresh as ever. This book has brilliant illustrations by Oleg Lipchenko. And newcomers to the tale have even more to relish. Years in the making, Alice and her peculiar acquaintances are brought lovingly to the page by the meticulous artistry of a  master draftsman. 
This glorious new edition of Carroll’s unabridged classic can be proudly given as an introduction to one of the best-loved stories of all time, or simply acquired as an exciting addition to any collector’s library. The illustrator presents the story in a fresh and wonderful manner through the various images throughout the book. It is so well done that you will have to see it for yourself. 
I was so entranced by the details of the paintings, the gold embossing on the pages, and the wonderful way in which this classic is redone that I bought a copy for each of my nieces and nephews. They loved it and keep reading and re-reading it. It is truly a masterpiece, one which will delight both young and old. 
 Rating: 5 stars




Random House

Whether it’s to add to a collection of classics or to introduce new readers to Alice, this handsome large-format edition is a must-have for all ages. Lewis Carroll’s original text is illustrated as never before by Oleg Lipchenko to create a spectacular gift book. Sure to transport everyone down the rabbit hole and into the extraordinary realm of Carroll’s imagination, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, invites all readers to join the tea party and take their chances with the Mad Hatter, the Mock Turtle, and the boisterous Queen of Hearts.

Whether it’s to add to a collection of classics or to introduce new readers to Alice, this handsome large-format edition is a must-have for all ages. Lewis Carroll’s original text is illustrated as never before by Oleg Lipchenko to create a spectacular gift book. Sure to transport everyone down the rabbit hole and into the extraordinary realm of Carroll’s imagination, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, invites all readers to join the tea party and take their chances with the Mad Hatter, the Mock Turtle, and the boisterous Queen of Hearts. Written by authorities in Classics by Age, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll provides an excellent foundation for Classics by Age studies. Lewis Carroll’s style is excellently suited towards Classics by Age studies, and will teach students the material clearly without overcomplicating the subject. What’s more, the text is available in the Hardcover format shown above (ISBN 9780887769320), as well as a number of other formats. As of November 2009, this revision raises the bar for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland’s high standard of excellence, making sure that it stays one of the foremost Classics by Age studies textbooks



Amanda Snow
Alice in Wonderland, two illustrator's perspectives
I love looking at different versions of the same story, each interpreted by a different author and/or illustrator and ultimately deciding which parts of each story I like best. It's fun to compare and contrast, especially when the book is something truly popular, as Alice in Wonderland certainly is.

I recently looked at two very different versions of this much-loved tale, each based on Lewis Carroll's original story, but with different illustrators, allowing the books to come across as two very different stories.

The first, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, is illustrated by Oleg Lipchenko, a member of the Ukrainian Union of Artists, now based in Toronto. This particular Alice edition is large, the size of a picture book, but 112 pages long and is illustrated very darkly. The Disney version of Alice definitely took away some of the darkness that the story does indeed posses and Lipchenko brings that back through his dark gray and brown drawings.

There is something very surreal about the illustrations in this one, which fits the story awesomely. If you have an older Alice fan, this would be a great gift book for them. Being that the color-tone is so dark and muted, younger children probably won't enjoy it quite as much, but older kids and adults will definitely appreciate the intricate drawings and beautiful faces the illustrator creates. 

The cover is just beautiful, especially once the dust cover is removed. It would look so pretty on a shelf, but it's wonderful once opened too!


From review

Go ask Alice: Lewis Carroll's classic passes through many artists' looking-glasses this season.

“…Tundra Books has a fancy new illustrated hardcover book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. But the telling detail is that the illustrator, Oleg Lipchenko, a Ukrainian living in Toronto, has chosen to draw the actual little Alice Liddell, for whom Charles Dodgson imagined, wrote and named the original tale. Lipchenko's Alice has short dark hair with bangs and wears a long thin jumper with a little white collar, although his other characters are still in Victorian garb. Tundra has gone all out in the production of this edition. The book is magazine-sized, 93 pages, with metallic gold leaf edges. The cover has a paper wrapper around it with a round cut-out window showing through to a full-colour tipped-in illustration with a gold-lettered title. The inside art is extensively detailed black and white drawings with a sepia tone over various areas and sections…”

Talking With Tundra

Launch of: Humpty Dumpty and Friends

October 8, 2010

by Tundra Books
Last night, we celebrated the launch of Oleg Lipchenko’s Humpty Dumpty and Friends at Nicholas Hoare Books in Toronto.
The event also included a presentation of the 2009 Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award to Oleg Lipchenko for his illustrations in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The annual IBBY Canada Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award, honours outstanding artistic talent in Canadian picture books.
IBBY Canada president, Patricia Ocampo presented Oleg Lipchenko with the award.
This is what the jury had to say:
“Oleg Lipchenko has turned this classic story into a rich experience for readers greeting Alice for the first time, as well as for those who know the original…Lipchenko’s illustrations are more than images on a page; they are an homage to the surreal quality and humor of Lewis Carroll’s text.”
Oleg Lipchenko signing copies of his books and posters.
Throughout the evening, guests were invited to look through Oleg Lipchenko’s portfolio containing the original artworks for the books.
Many thanks to everyone at Nicholas Hoare Books, IBBY Canada, to the family, and friends who came out to show their support for Oleg Lipchenko!



  1. Deirdre Baker The Star columnist
Small Print: Alice through another glass

January 17, 2010

In March the public will meet Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, which will no doubt have Burton's quirky horror stamp all over it.
In the meantime, Lewis Carroll's (really, Charles Dodgson's, as he wrote under a pseudonym) own original, claustrophobia-inducing version of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Tundra, 93 pages, $24.99, ages 8+) is in the bookstore with the new books – with new illustrations by Toronto's Oleg Lipchenko.
It's a brave illustrator who re-imagines the classic Tenniel illustrations fastidious Carroll approved in the 1860s. Then again, it's Carroll's witty prose, his puns and flights of fancy – in combination with scenes of nervousness ("Oh, the Duchess! What she won't do to me!"), anger ("Off with his head!"), and rudeness ("You! Who are you?") – that make Alice.
So Lipchenko's illustrations have lots to go on. They're sinuous, crowded and oppressive in just the way Alice feels Wonderland, with its volatile inhabitants and arbitrary ways. Dark borders in fine, charcoal pencil are crowded with stuff – images from the story, tasselled draperies, ornate boxes, miniature portraits, cameras, clocks, watches, weights, pendulums and timepieces of all sorts. The dark too-muchness of Victoriana entwines and presses in on more spacious images from Alice's storyline – the Duchess nursing the soon-to-be pig-baby, the Mad Hatter stirring a cup of tea, warily.
For Lipchenko, Wonderland happens in brown, charcoal and sepia lightening to tan. Like in an old photo (Carroll was a photographer), Alice is fixed in the past – also suitable given Carroll's feelings for the Alice for whom he first told the story. The design of Lipchenko's volume, with its decorated page numbers, carefully variated borders and fixed-in-the-moment images has certain similarities with Carroll's first, painstakingly hand-drawn volume for the original Alice.
It's no wonder the book's jacket cites the Lewis Carroll Society's approval for Lipchenko's work. Here's the happy result of research, contemplation and evident enjoyment of this almost 150-year-old tale.

Joel Birenbaum

Yes and a beautiful book it is. Gold is the right color for the book. The production quality was worth all of your effort. I am looking forward to meeting you in April.




'ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND'Illustrator: Oleg Lipchenko Data: Tundra Books, $22.95

Though Oleg Lipchenko's illustrations for "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" have a historical, classic appearance, they are still different from John Tinnel's original visual concept. What Lipchenko's illustrations lack in color, they make up for in detail. With its gold-leaf pages, this handsome book will fit right in on a collector's bookshelf.



one of the best, February 1, 2010 / at Amazon
By Su Carey "Home ReDesign Studio" (Oregon)
This review is from: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Hardcover)

This is one of the best Alice books I've seen in recent years. As soon as it arrived I heard people talking about the illustrations. My friends know I love Alice, and they have come to love her too. I gave this new copy as a gift. The art is fab, and the Alice image is more like the "real" Alice than the Tenniel Alice, which is very refreshing, I always think of her as real, don't you? If you haven't read Alice for a very long time, read this, dream about the little girl, pretend you are along the trip with her. Forget you're an adult for 2 hours.



Robert Doucette

Dear Oleg,

I received my copy of "Alice" signed by you today in the mail and I have to say it was well worth the wait! The illustrations and design of the book are fantastic! What a beautiful presentation and it is and will be inspirational to me for years to come. Congratulations!

a new fan,

Bob Doucette



Review from, January 24, 2010 / at Amazon
This review is from: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Hardcover)

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was originally written in 1865 and has since been translated into 125 languages. There have now been over a hundred editions of the book, as well as countless adaptations in other media, including theater and film. If you haven't already done so, isn't it time to introduce this masterpiece to your children?

This edition is particularly enjoyable because it is presented like a large picture book, making it a great choice for a large range of ages. Sized at 9" x 12", beautiful illustrations by Oleg Lipchenko sprawl across every page, bringing the story to life. Broken up into twelve chapters, this is the perfect bedtime book. There is ample adventure and colorful characters afoot to keep children breathless and anxious for the next night's chapter.

I think I was first introduced to Alice by the 1951 Disney cartoon. Like most book to movie adaptations, reading the story is so much better. Reading the book allows you to process Carroll's original text and allow your imagination to develop the characters, which makes the story uniquely yours. Here, Lipchenko's illustrations will act as a starting block, but they don't fully create the memory for you, like a movie will do.

There is a reason Lewis Caroll's writing is considered a classic - it really does transcend the years. I'm so pleased that Tundra Books is offering this updated edition, so that I may introduce a whole new generation to Alice's adventures via a gorgeous book. I must point out that Oleg Lipchenko's illustrations plus Lewis Carroll's original text serves to make this a spectacular gift choice. Grab a copy and invite your own children to join the tea party and take their chances with the Mad Hatter, the March Hare and the demanding Queen of Hearts!


Joy Fleishhacker, School Library Journal
Gr 6 Up—Elegant book design and sophisticated artwork characterize this unabridged version of Carroll's classic. Lipchenko's illustrations, in monochromatic sepia and black-and-white tones, combine precisely drawn detail with broad architectural perspectives. Chapters are introduced by full-page pieces that convey plot particulars in a sometimes abstract and visually interpretive manner. For example, "The Pool of Tears" illustration depicts a large eye at the center of a snail-shell-style swirl with a stream of tears accumulating beneath. Each of these atmospheric works is surrounded by an intricate border, artfully composed of plot-related images, structural details, and gracefully draped swaths of curtain. These design elements also appear throughout the pages, framing and providing nimble connections between the various illustrations. Ever-changing perspectives, dramatic shadowing and shading, and layouts that have an Escheresque quality make the artwork remarkable and innovative, though geared toward a more mature audience. The relationship between the text and pictures offers much room for exploration and interpretation. This unusual work should be considered only for deep Alice collections.



George Grie permalink
October 11, 2010 11:10 am
Wonderful event, great illustrations, well deserved award! Cannot wait to see more of Oleg’s artworks!



Cleaver Award presented to Oleg Lipchenko

Oct 082010
2009 Cleaver Award winner Oleg Lipchenko with IBBY Canada President Patricia Ocampo.
IBBY Canada President Patricia Ocampo presented the 2009 Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award to Oleg Lipchenko at a book launch held at Nicholas Hoare Books in Toronto on October 7, 2010. Mr. Lipchenko received a cheque for $1,000 and a certificate honouring his work on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, published by Tundra Books, which was also celebrating the publication of his latest work, Humpty Dumpty and Friends.
This year’s jury – comprised of a Montreal school librarian; children’s librarian at the National Library and Archives of Quebec; and Master’s in Children’s Literature student from BC – had this to say about the winner:
“Oleg Lipchenko has turned this classic story into a rich experience for readers greeting Alice for the first time, as well as for those who know the original…Lipchenko’s illustrations are more than images on a page; they are an homage to the surreal quality and humor of Lewis Carroll’s text.”
The annual IBBY Canada Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award, established in 1985, honours outstanding artistic talent in Canadian picture books.

IBBY Canada Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Picture Book Award to illustrator Oleg Lipchenko

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, April 15, 2010: IBBY Canada (International Board on Books for Young People, Canadian section) is pleased to announce that illustrator Oleg Lipchenko is the winner of the 2009 IBBY Canada Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Picture Book Award for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (by Lewis Carroll), published by Tundra Books. The $1,000 award will be presented to Oleg Lipchenko at a date and location to be announced.
The Cleaver Award jury was made up of children's librarians Lina Gordaneer (chair) and Pascale Grenier, and Brianne Grant, MA in Children’s Literature candidate. The jury's comments on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland:
"This is a captivating book in every way – Oleg Lipchenko has turned this classic story into a rich experience for readers greeting Alice for the first time, as well as for readers those who know the original. The windowed book cover, gold embossed pages, detailed end pages, and faded, old-photograph colouring of the illustrations, are all visual pieces that work together to make reading it a special adventure. Lipchenko’s illustrations are more than images on a page, they are a homage to the surreal quality and humour of Lewis Carroll’s text, as well as a meticulously and brilliantly constructed original vision of a longstanding tradition in children’s literature."
The IBBY Canada Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Picture Book Award, established in 1985, honours the name and talent of one of Canada's pre-eminent book illustrators. Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver left funds in her will to annually recognize outstanding artistic talent in Canadian picture books; the recipient receives $1,000.
IBBY, the International Board on Books for Young People, founded in 1953, represents an international network of people committed to bringing books and children together. IBBY Canada is one of over 70 national sections worldwide. IBBY Canada is a volunteer organization promoting quality French and English Canadian children's literature nationally and internationally. For more information, please visit
For more information, please contact:
Helena Aalto
Promotion Officer, IBBY Canada
(416) 658-3144

* * *
Le prix IBBY-Canada Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver du meilleur livre illustré est décerné à Oleg Lipchenko
POUR PUBLICATION IMMEDIATE—15 avril 2010 : C’est avec fierté qu’IBBY-Canada annonce que Oleg Lipchenko se voit remettre le prix IBBY-Canada Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver 2009 du meilleur livre illustré canadien pour Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, de Lewis Carroll, publié par Tundra Books. La bourse de 1000$ sera remise à Oleg Lipchenko à une date et un endroit qui seront déterminés sous peu..
Le jury du Prix Cleaver était composé des bibliothécaires de livres pour enfants Lina Gordaneer (présidente) et Pascale Grenier, ainsi que de Brianne Grant, étudiante à la maîtrise en Littérature Jeunesse. Voici les commentaires des membres du jury au sujet de Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland :
« Oleg Lipchenko a transformé ce classique de Lewis Carroll en une riche expérience aussi bien pour les lecteurs qui rencontrent Alice pour la toute première fois que pour ceux qui la connaissent déjà. Ce livre est captivant à tout point de vue : grâce à la couverture à fenêtre, aux pages en relief doré, aux contours de pages détaillés, et aux illustrations de style vieilles photographies décolorées. Ces aspects visuels se combinent à merveille et font de la lecture de ce livre une aventure inoubliable. Les illustrations de Lipchenko sont plus que de simples images sur page; elles rendent hommage à la qualité et à l’humour surréalistes du texte de Lewis Carroll, tout en étant la brillante et méticuleuse création d’une vision originale de ce classique de la littérature jeunesse. »
Créé en 1985, le prix Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver est administré par IBBY-Canada et vise à reconnaître le talent artistique exceptionnel d’un illustrateur canadien de livres pour enfants publié en anglais ou en français. Le prix de 1000$ est remis annuellement.
Fondé en 1953, IBBY, Union internationale pour les livres de jeunesse, est un important réseau de personnes dédiées à mettre les jeunes en contact avec les livres et la littérature. IBBY Canada est l’une des 70 sections nationales de la planète. Formé de bénévoles, IBBY-Canada favorise la mise en valeur, tant sur le plan national qu’international, des livres canadiens pour la jeunesse de langue française et anglaise. Pour plus d’informations, visitez le site
Pour renseignements, contactez :
Helena Aalto
Chargée des communications, IBBY Canada
(416) 658-3144
George Ivashkevych permalink
October 11, 2010 7:03 pm
Oleg, it’s hard to describe in words all the colour and sofistication I come across in your world of imagination you masterfully open up inviting in. Wishing you keeping up same skill or surpass it in your future endeavours!

kev's blog

June 22, 2010

Alice in wonderland illustrator

Filed under: Uncategorized —— kev16 @ 5:06 am
In my opinion Oleg Lipchenko is my the best illustrator of Alice in wonder land because he uses all diffrent mediums likte a bag and charcoal.
for example in Pig Pepper chapter 6 the picture has a lot charcoal for the border and he used a teabag to make the paper like in the in the olden days.
another reason is the lay out he puts pictures everwhere like half and full pages.
how ever in contrast michael foreman he is very diffrent to Oleg Lipchenko becausebecause Michael foreman uses bright colours Oleg Lipchenko uses very dull and old looking colours finally in summary Oleg Lipchenkois the best illustrator of Alices adventure in wonder land. he has done  a realiy good job.


The e-zine for young authors and readers

Oleg Lipchenko. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Tundra Books $24.99 ISBN 978-0-88776-932-0 93 pg.
Reviewed by Koryn, Age 12

Everyone has heard of the story where a curious girl falls down the rabbit-hole, only to find herself in a strange new world where drinking mysterious elixirs and eating cakes makes you shrink or grow, and the animals talk. Now, Carroll’s original tale has been gorgeously illustrated for all ages. Take a peek down the rabbit hole and rediscover Alice’s adventures in Wonderland.

I loved reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The story is great, and Oleg Lipchenko’s intricate paintings enhance the story. The world Lewis Carroll has created has come to life in another’s eyes, and he has had the sense to paint it. With the movie release of Alice in Wonderland, many more people will be rushing to the shelves to find it. Oleg Lipchenko’s drawings make an appealing alternative to just the regular novel. This newly illustrated version of Alice in Wonderland will bring all ages together to read this wonderful classic tale.

I give Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland five stars.


Peter Kuipers
I was almost ready to give up hope, but the book has arrived!
It is a beautiful edition, which I'm proud to include in my Alice collection. This being a collectors edition I did however miss a short biography of the artist. Nevertheless, although you may still be pondering the imperfections (not that I've found any, but being a publisher myself I know that it's impossibe to reach the much desired perfection; none of our 150 books were ever flawless), you can be proud of the result. I hope you will sell the remaining copies soon, so you can consider
also illustrating the sequel ;-)


Peter Kuipers




A beautiful gift to share with any beloved child, January 20, 2010  / at Amazon
Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Hardcover)
"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" is a scrumptious new large-format imaging of a favorite classic for children. The text of the story is familiar and vivid, but the paintings and illustrations are like a forgotten dream of the original intentions of the Alice editions' illustrations. Oleg Lipchenko's fabulous art work is both nostalgic and fresh, imaginative, and familiar. Suitable for all ages, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" makes a beautiful gift to share with any beloved child.


Colleen Mondor

“…Finally, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is the mother of all classics, and for good reason. Illustrator Oleg Lipchenko has spent years on a new oversized edition from Tundra Books, and this one is well worth the wait. With a mix of black and white and sepia, he gives Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece an antique feel that finds something startling on each and every page. In a world populated by inquisitive animals and archly disturbed humans, Lipchenko leaves his mark on Wonderland with a unique but satisfying vision. I forgot all about blonde girls in blue dresses while paging through this one, and for that alone, the illustrator has my undying gratitude. Old-school in the best sense of the word, Tundra clearly knows a master when they see one. When all else fails for holiday gift giving, you can't go wrong with Alice, the rabbit and the crazy Red Queen. She’s a classic for a reason, and with this new edition, Lipchenko reminds us that Alice isn’t done impressing us, not by a long shot…



Kim Naboshek
Please do quote me! - and I LOVE "The Hunting of the Snark" - I have quite a few editions, including a very obscure portfolio in French with fabulous illustrations that have "notations" all over them - the artist is Annie-claude Martin. I'd love to add your to my collection. Fondly. Kim
--- Oleg Lipchenko <> wrote:

Dear Kim,I'm happy to know you like the book. This is very mportant to me. About Scotch terrier - it came to me without any reasons, I just saw it. Well, maybe the terrier Alice about, but she didn't specify which kind. What about "Through the Looking-Glass..."? A lot of preliminary scetches, characters, scenes done. But I can't say
> anything certain of the date. Now I'm in the middle of the "Humpty-Dumpty and others" - Selected Nursery Rhymes. It's a regular edition and not as big as "Alice", so I hope to complete it soon. And, the next Carroll's treasure I'm planning to publish is "Hunting on the Snark". Only then I'll be able
> to proceed with the"...Looking-Glass..."I appreciate your warm
> words about my illustrations. Thank you! May I ask your permission to place a quotation from your message to my website?
> Thanks again and best
wishes, Oleg.

From: "kim naboshek"
11:45:17 -0800 (PST)

Oleg - I just received my new Alice book and Ilove it! You did a beautiful job and your illustrations
are just fantastic. Oddly enough..I just happen to be a huge Scottie dog lover, used to have one - I was so surprised to see one in your book! Congratulations on a wonderful Alice in Wonderland book - Kim p.s.
> When do you start on "Through the Looking Glass"?

Monica Kulling permalink
October 8, 2010 10:16 am
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men HAD FUN! Or so it looks to me.
The book is beautiful, as is this illustrator’s ALICE.
Congrats to the very talented Oleg!
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars- A beautiful gift to share with any beloved child
"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" is a scrumptious new large-format imaging of a favorite classic for children. The text of the story is familiar and vivid, but the paintings and illustrations are like a forgotten dream of the original intentions of the Alice editions' illustrations. Oleg Lipchenko's fabulous art work is both nostalgic and fresh, imaginative, and familiar. Suitable for all ages, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" makes a beautiful gift to share with any beloved child.


Shorr Jeremy:

I received the book.  All I can say is that it is simple exquisite.  I'm glad to have met you and to have purchased a limited edition of your work.  Please keep me posted on new projects and feel free to use me as a reference at any time.

My thanks,

Mon, 11 Feb 2008 14:17:53 –0500
Just wanted to drop a line to let you know (again) how much I enjoy owning my copy of your illustrated alice.

I wanted to encourage you to sell some limited run prints of the artwork within (perhaps at a discount to those of us who purchased the book!).  I also wanted to encourage you to consider working on 'through the looking glass'.  I realize that, even if you decide to undertake the second volume, it will take years before completion, all the better reason to start now!

Good luck in everything and please keep me posted on your future endeavors.


This subdued book is all in sepias and black, with an Alice that looks like the real-life girl, not the fictionalized blonde heroine. Full of quiet surprises tucked among a jumble of drawings, Lipchenko’s unusual illustrations feel like a sketchbook and reveal more as you look. Perfect inspiration for the child who loves to draw.

Read more:


Adult preference., 4 July 2010 /
Mr. D. Turnbull "DavidT" (PRESTON, UK) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Hardcover)
The pictures and story are a delight for an adult who has some acquaintance with this famous story.


Winner of the 2009 Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award!!!

Oleg Lipchenko has turned this classic story into a rich expression for both the youngest reader greeting Alice for the first time and those who remember reading the original Alice as children...Lipchenkos illustrations are more than images on a page, they are a homage to the surreality and humour of Carrolls text as well as a meticulously and brilliantly constructed vision of a longstanding tradition in childrens literature. Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award presentation

Reading the book...

Some words about places and other details...
Lewis Carroll doesnt always describe details of a scene: personalities, objects and settings. But when he does, he doesnt do so right away. As I have already explained the Duchess, in order to be able to imagine her, one has to read examine the second scene in which shes acting. But how are we supposed to view her in the first scene? Its good that she was called Duchess what gives us a hint that shes wearing a duchess costume. That is why one of the main jobs of an illustrator is to show what Carroll will describe later or will not describe at all. Lets talk first about the surrounding in which the action is taking place.

Sir John Tenniel

For example: everything thats happening to Alice, Gryphon, and Mock Turtle, is usually drawn on seashore. Why? Carroll only gives two details to describe the surrounding, but not a single word about any seashore. Whoops!...
Read more

Some words about
Ugly Duchess character...

Ugly Duchess has quite a history in illustration. Sir John Tenniel created her image based on the portrait 'A Grotesque Old Woman' (1513), by the Flemish artist Quentin Massys. Not exactly the same, but the influence was very obvious.

'A Grotesque Old Woman' by Quentin Massys
"'A Grotesque Old Woman' (1513)"
by Quentin Massys

     Lets look at how the Ugly Duchess is described by Carroll; in the first scene there isn't even a hint of her appearance, she is full of pretence and we can only imagine what her true character is like by looking at her actions, analyzing her dialogues and speech. Such an ignorant and unfriendly person, she is a persistent fighter - she doesn't pay attention to the pepper in the air, or the dishes thrown at her. She makes her remarks with a "sudden violence"... Sir John Tenniel's Ugly Duchess
Sir John Tenniel's Ugly Duchess

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