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  Engrave this Quote "Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun."

Pablo Picasso

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Art theory is often difficult to grasp, but there are writers that make an effort to explain it through words. Understanding often comes through experience, and one gains it by creating art.

Some of the articles to the left are tutorials, others explain composition and balance, and some teach history. No matter what kind of knowledge one might seek in regards to art, an article provides better literary insight than any chatroom or forum.

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I Want To Create...
By Graham And Julie

Yes, You Are Creative!
By Chris Dunmire

Art History - Taking You To A Whole New World Of Appreciation***
By Susan G Phillips

Toronto - Origins of One of the Great Cities of the World
by Rick Hendershot

What is Good Art? Interior Design Professionals Weigh in
by Renee Castelluzzo

How The Eyes Follow Graphic Designs
By Florie Lyn Masarate

Beginner's Acrylic Painting - Paper Painting Surfaces - What You Need To Know
By Catherine Calder

How to Paint a Beautiful Landscape Learning to Paint
Author: Julie Shoemaker

About Soapstone
By Darren Thorson

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Has Great Influence on Art's History
By Mike Selvon

Learn to Draw & Paint - How & Where to Study to Be an Artist
By Barry Waldman

Wall Art - Tips For Proper Placement
By Anne West

Unique Picture Frame Design and Decor Tips

Interior Design Ideas - 5 Creative Ways To Display Art
By Edwin Mah

French Symbolist Painter, Graphic Artist, & Printmaker - Odilon Redon
By Annette Labedzki

The German Romantic Landscape Painter - Caspar David Friedrich
By Annette Labedzki

by Dmytro Lipchenko

Abstract Expressionism - a Movement
Author: Russell Shortt

Art Deco Movement - The Foundation Stone of Modern Art
By Annette Labedzki

The Art Deco Movement
By Russell Shortt

French Impressionism In The Heart Of Paris

What is Minimalism?
By Russell Shortt

The Art Nouveau Movement
By Russell Shortt

Vincent Van Gogh - Biography Of A Tormented Dutch Artist

Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Pavel Nikolaevich Filonov

Redefine Your Space!
by John Darby

Hanging Art In The Home 20 Top Tips
By Trevor C Krueger

Methods For Hanging Framed Pictures, Part 1
By Sheila Gallien

Methods For Hanging Framed Pictures, Part 2: Hanging Heavy Pictures
By Sheila Gallien

Methods For Hanging Framed Pictures, Part 3: Hanging Metal Pictures
By Sheila Gallien

Hanging Paintings - Feng-Shui Recommendations
By Ned Ryerson

Decorating Color Schemes For Wall Art - 4 Simple Tips
By Edwin Mah

Pavel Nikolaevich Filonov (1883-1941) was one of few defining artists of the XX century and rightfully belongs among such artists as Picasso, Kandinsky, Dali, Klee and others, as a reformer of world art. Filonov has established the group MAI - Masters of Analytical Art. It was the school of Filonov's pupils and followers. According to his will, almost all of his paintings and graphic works were transferred to the State Russian Museum.
Filonov left the Academy in 1910 and chose to ignore the mainstream current of art to further develop his personal style. Through his art, Pavel Filonov sought to observe and understand the forces that comprise the human existence, both the internal and external factors.He aimed to achieve a systematic knowledge of the world and it's human inhabitants.

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