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Autumn Still-Life by Tatiana Shulyak  
  Redefine Your Space!  
  Autumn Still-Life
by Tatiana Shulyak

If you reject studying human anatomy, art of drawing, conceptions of perspective, mathematic rules of aesthetics and colour I would rather say that it is a manifestation of laziness and not that of a genius.

Salvador Dali

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  Redefine Your Space!
by John Darby

Paintings change the ambience of a room or hall. It is decorative as well as functional. Today it defines the status of a household or a community. These are not mere sketches done randomly, rather, they are strokes done by creative hands. Paintings have the power to unknowingly attract you. They are one of the most beautiful creations of man done with skill and passion.

Oil Paintings, of course, are just one of the numerous forms of Paintings. They are as old as civilization. The beauty of oil paintings lies in its antiquity and this has left a mark over generations.

Wonder what kind of painting code was used for Mona Lisa done by Leonardo Da Vinci? Obviously, it is the age-old oil painting. This painting continues to remain in our hearts for its elegance and beauty.

What are Oil Paintings?

As the name suggest, Oil Paintings are typically paintings done with oil paints and not with watercolors or acrylics. In a nutshell, oil paintings use paints made from pigments and blend them with oil before use on the canvas. All in all the art of Oil Painting is a challenging one!

Origin of Oil Paintings

Any clue about how the oil paintings originated? It is said that it was developed during the ancient times to overcome the difficulties posed by waterproof paints. It was then that artists started mixing paint with oil. Thanks to those great men! Today we have a huge collection of these works done by several artists.

Why Oil Paintings?

Nothing can enhance the dull room of your home like the portrait of Oil Paintings!

Nothing beats its rich and classy look. It has almost become one of the most after choice among artists. This popularity is due to its realistic effect. And nothing can enhance a dull room like an Oil Painting. They impart a sense of superiority to your apartment. They also speak a lot about the individuality and personality of a person.

You own an office. Make your workers to feel delighted!

And if you do own an office, deck up its walls with a few oil paintings. Surely this will not just delight your employees but will also give it a swanky look and feel.
And once you get yourself one of these incredible oil paintings, make sure to frame them. Framing these paintings can give them a refined look.

A whole variety of frames are available for this purpose. Red wood frames, Mahogany frames, marble, gold, grey, cherry gold, chestnut, honey the list seems endless. But one should be careful while making a selection of these frames. A low quality frame can spoil your oil paintings while good one can give it a splendid look. Another good thing about oil paintings is that if handled with care they can go on for many years!

Now you go get yourself good oil paintings. But before you put it up decide on how to frame it and where to place it. And if at all you have a fireplace at home, an oil painting looks best above it.

Capture your favorite moment with and convert it into a stunning oil painting portrait. We have top notch portrait artists who can create a masterpiece.

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