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George Grie
Welcome to the 3D reality. Im confident that new graphic technologies unlocked endless possibilities to creative individuals. Visual capabilities of some contemporary 3d applications are far beyond common human comprehension.
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George Grie


George Grie
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Today the sky is the limit to exercise your imagination, intelligence, and ambitions. Everything is possible could be a motto of present and future digital artists. Im trying to prove it in every one of my modest creations.
Never-ending combinations of renderings, lightings, and/or shape deformations bring you the sensation of full liberty. There are no more hours of a laborious painting routine.
There is no more painful drafting. Everything is instant under the tips of your flying fingers. There is only one chilling obstacle between you and your perfect design lack of imagination. The new form of art was born without pompous manifestations and noisy commercials. Some of us still consider digital and 3D art as something mechanical and artificial, something that in some way is out of human touch. Nothing could be more wrong. Computers dont make art, people do. A Computer is a creative tool a much sophisticated one. Once you try them you will never give up going forward.
Its a fresh creative drug of a new generation of an artistic society. Its an addiction with no cure. It is a curse you cant get rid off. Its your blessing destiny.
Please visit my "3D Surrealism Art" website to find more information, artworks, and free downloads. Do not miss my wallpapers' collection of the best digital-fantasy artists (click here).

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