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  Michail Kourzakov  
Michail Kourzakov is a Russian born artist and architect. His paintings are mysterious and rather expressive than narrative. His creative work is contemporary and deeply rooted into millenial world culture as well. Michail Kourzakov's art education started at an early age when as a young child he was given private drawing lessons and later enrolled in a children's art school. He entered the department of sculpture at Serov College where he studied until 1976 when he enrolled in architectural college.
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Michail Kourzakov

Fish-ka  Bridge  Landscape 1
Talisman  Landscape 2
Breakfast  Wall  Ruin


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His work is influenced by a famous St. Petersburg movement called the Golden Thread. The artistic philosophy of this movement is rooted in the turn of the century Art Nouveau tradition, which looked at art as a continuation of our daily life existence. Hence the school's strong emphasis on artistic expression not only in traditional artistic mediums of painting and sculpture, but in incorporating art into daily objects of home, office and public dwellings. Other influences are Byzantine and Russian iconography, Shumer and Etruscan archaic period.
Michail Kourzakov 's professional works include graphic art, oil, acrylic and mixed mediums. Design works encompass scenery and stage designs as well as architectural designs of private and public dwellings with incorporation of applied art and design into fixtures and furniture. His work is in many collections around the world.

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