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Peter Alexander Por
Toronto based artist Peter Alexander Por's work originates from "An inner necessity to create". His eclectic output is a highly personal response to our complex world, a meditation on life and at the same time a cathartic experience. Through his art-making, a language between his "soul" and Eros manifests itself! >>
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Peter Alexander Por

Automatic Fire Golden Shower Metaphoric 1945
Space Age Goddess The Warrior Tower of London

Peter Alexander Por
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>> In his three dimensional pieces, the unlikely is juxtaposed with the improbable by a shifting the perspective from the original common, often banal and every day object to a reconfiguration of the elements into a new and revised context. Both his paintings and sculptures can generally be categorized as "hyper personal". The artist paints and creates three dimensional works which reflect his inner life and inner process.......! Dreams, photographs, world events, personal and family issues are all inspirational sources for his craft. The works are straddling the boundaries of surrealism, dada and representational. He uses sketchbooks for recording ideas as they present themselves and for delineating concepts. The work is very often spontaneously carried out and occasionally he switches to a carefully planned and laboured over method, reconfiguring repeatedly before he's satisfied. There is no fixed pattern in his approach! Religion, social issues, sexuality, politics, outrage, love, disbelief,reverence, and passion regularly manifest as themes from the artist's psyche, materializing in the physical realm!... "I paint, draw, and sculpt because it is the most meaningful, direct and powerful manner of relating to and coping with a complexities of life on this vulnerable planet....!" "If as an artist you know precisely where you are headed you are (a bull-shitter &) deluding yourself, leaving no opportunity for surprises.... Logic and artistic undertakings are antipathetic to each other...... The greatest risk in life is not risking (by William Blake).... It is the Eros or feeling and sensuous side of my psyche that I must cherish and revere as an artist in opposition to the intellectual, thinking or Logos component of my mental make - up! "
Artist Peter Alexander Por is currently focused on sculpture and printmaking and his eclectic outbursts have been exhibited throughout Ontario since 1971. The creative blue eyed devil has a long teaching history in a variety of artistic disciplines including painting, collage, sculpture, drawing and printmaking. He holds degrees in Architecture and Studio Fine Arts (in Sculpture) from the University of Illinois, Chicago and York University, Toronto. Collections in Germany, France, the United States and Canada display the artist's aesthetic vision. Requests by e-mail for an Exhibition History or a CV will be answered promptly.
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