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Tatiana Ianovskaia graduated from the Moscow Art College named in memory of 1905 year
(speciality-set design)
in 1981. Iconographer, illustrator, painter
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Tatiana Ianovskaia

Genesis  September 11  Cross
Road  Twilight  Forest
Alice in Wonderland - court Prayer for son Queen Alice


Tatiana Ianovskaia
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My paintings are my identity and life; that is the reason why my art may vary in so many ways. The events and struggles of my life are shown in my paintings: the death of my father, the birth of my daughter, September 11 to name a few.

When I paint my winter landscapes, I always think of how after my death I'll become a part of them as well, that they are my final point of destination.

Usually I work on large series of paintings. One of them is “Alice in Wonderland,” which I started to self-publish with my illustrations for “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass” when I came to Canada. The main idea of that series is the theme of “game”- cards, chess.

When I am busy with my art works, I am immersed in them, not in reality.

I can't repeat my paintings because I cannot live my life twice; as an artist and a human being I am constantly changing.

Tatiana Ianovskaia

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