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Tatiana Shulyak
has graduated Art Academy in St. Petersburg. She has participated in exhibitions:
Art festival in Kiev 1997
Odessa Art 2002
“Picturesque Ukraine” 2000
“Painter day” 2000
“2000 anniversary of Christ’s born” 2000
“Picturesque Ukraine” 2001
All-Ukraine Exhibition - "Women of Ukraine - Creators" 2007
All-Ukraine Painting Trienalle "Kiev-2007"
All-Ukraine Painting Trienalle "Kiev-2010"
Art Biennale "Mediteran-2010" Split, Croatia
Beijing International Art Biennale,China 2010
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Tatiana Shulyak gallery 1 2

Grey Kitty Lost In The Woods  Oriental Still-life  Still-life With Orange And Lily
Irises  Still-life With Quince  Blue-Red Still-life
Little Houses  Sad Little Creature  Still-life With Phloxes

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Tatiana Shulyak gallery 1 2
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The favourite Tatiana's genre is decorative still life. She is fascinated of Beauty of simple things. Plain peppers and melons seem exotically and mysterious. She stresses the influence of eastern art and also painting of Mathis Bonnar.
This is a mystery painting in a full scale. There's no dynamic and enotioness of human being in it. Time is staying in these canvasses. These pumpkins never will be over grown. And these lilies will never dry. May be there are not stories of People at all. Just stories of Things.
Drama of the Silk Draperies, which once happend to be luxury Renessance fabrics. The Story of the Blue Bottle. Essesof Ble Irises and White Lilies. The Portrait of The Pine Apple. Party of The Savoy Cabbage. Things which are turned into Art.







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