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Blue Cat by Oleg Lipchenko

Blue Cat
Oleg Lipchenko

oil/canvas, 35.8 x 24 in. / 91 x 61 cm, 2005


Oleg Lipchenko

oil/canvas, 1990, 75x120cm, (30"x48"), art collection of BRITA GmbH, Deutschland

'Mountain Majesty'  by Caspar David Friedrich  
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'Mountain Majesty'
by Caspar David Friedrich
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Poor is the pupil who does not surpass his master.

Leonardo da Vinci

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Teacher's profile:

Oleg Lipchenko - artist, award winning illustrator and experienced art teacher.

Wikipedia - Oleg Lipchenko

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phone: 647 724 6940


Humpty Dumpty and Friends illustrated by Oleg Lipchenko
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Studio Treasure is providing competent, professional instructions in Art in friendly, pleasant surroundings with the limited number of students in groups (maximum of five).

Hourly rate - $18 plus tax
Basic course 2 academic hours* session - once a week - $36 plus tax
Additional lessons (advanced course) – 2 academic hours* session - two, three times a week.
Individual lessons (one student) – 2 academic hours* session - $50 plus tax
Students signed up on a monthly basis, are eligible for discount 10%

Monday - Thursday
1st session: 4-00pm - 5-35pm (2 academic* hours + 5 min break)
2nd session: 5-45pm - 7-20pm (2 academic* hours + 5 min break)
10am-1135am (2 academic* hours + 5 min break)

*academic hour = 45 min

Studio address: 26 Plum Tree Way, North York, M2R 3J2 (Bathurst/Antibes area)

Studio map

     Studio Treasure offers live lessons in General art, drawing, painting, sculpting, and composition.
     We are located in Toronto, and lessons are available to both beginner and advanced artists. The basics are a requirement for any aspiring artist, and knowlegeable guidance is often very useful aside from whatever experimentation that artists might go through by themselves.


Freedom and Limits: how to illustrate Carroll's stories
By Oleg Lipchenko

     Lewis Carroll doesnt always describe details of a scene: personalities, objects and settings. But when he does, he doesnt do so right away. As I have already explained the Duchess, in order to be able to imagine her, one has to read examine the second scene in which shes acting. But how are we supposed to view her in the first scene? Its good that she was called Duchess what gives us a hint that shes wearing a duchess costume. That is why one of the main jobs of an illustrator is to show what Carroll will describe later or will not describe at all.
     Lets talk first about the surrounding in which the action is taking place. For example: everything thats happening to Alice, Gryphon, and Mock Turtle, is usually drawn on seashore. Why? Carroll only gives two details to describe the surrounding, but not a single word about any seashore. Whoops! Sir John Tenniel used the Lobster Quadrille poems circumstances for this scene, and almost every Illustrator then followed his way...

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