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If you reject studying human anatomy, art of drawing, conceptions of perspective, mathematic rules of aesthetics and colour I would rather say that it is a manifestation of laziness and not that of a genius.

Salvador Dali

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by Dmytro Lipchenko

     Surrealism is an Art that illustrates the beauty of an artist's mind in its unconscious state; it gives the impression of a creative world within the painting as if it was in a dream. Surrealism is unclear to one without an imagination, (and even a little sense of humor). It can be any mood: peaceful, dark, scary, happy and so on. A piece of art could be meaningful: judgment day, fairytales and legends, religious or mythical. It is usually something impossible, and unexplainable, but at the same time, gives you a meaning and understanding for something else, in a way that cannot be explained, and can't be shown through something real.

     In the history of art Surrealism movement started jumped out at the beginning of the 20 th century. It was born out of poetry (Andre Breton could be called as Godfather of Surrealism), and then became art. Great artists such as Dali, or Picasso created surrealism and were very passionate about it. A lot of famous names relate to Surrealism, such as Max Ernst , Yves Tanguy , Giorgio de Chirico , Marcel Duchamp , Jean Arp , Joan Miro , Man Ray   and they belong to Art history. Through surrealism they showed the world their true selves. But as everything else, it didn't stay in fashion for long, for it was declared "dead" in 1941. What this really means is that the peak of surrealism's popularity was right before 1941, and it started to fall right after, it kept rolling down a not so steep slope, until somewhere in mid 1980's, it stopped. At this point surrealism was known everywhere, so it was impossible for it to fall any further. The human race became attracted to this art, some said it was nonsense, to others, surrealism was a way of life, it gave them ideas, and changed people's taste, and people saw the world through some of the paintings. It was everywhere, it was everyone, and it was adored. It captured the world, and way of life.

     People think that surrealism is something that was going on for only half a century, but surrealism started out a long time ago, and will continue going on for as long as humanity plans to survive. For as long as there has been religion, need to invent, or human dreams, there has been surrealism, for as long as there were paintings about Garden of Eden, Judgment Day, the future, aliens, or anything that is impossible in the world we know, there was surrealism. Let's just remind Hieronimus Bosch. Surrealism even existed when someone told a fantasy, or a poem that didn't much sense in the literal world. As long as it captures someone's imagination, and makes one understand something in a way intended, it is called surrealism.

     Surrealism not completely gone, it still exists. Just as Rock or Classical music, surrealism is still among us. People look at it all the time; artists paint surrealism most of the time, most of the paintings around the world are surrealist, and most of the people like it that way. Surrealism is a part of life, it is in our imaginations, and therefore we see it everyday, whenever we hear something, read or think. The world was brought up this way, so that the people are always thinking, and have something to do. Without surrealism, the world wouldn't advance, invent or evolve in the mind, the better quality the surrealism is, the more creatively we think, and more efficiently we work. Lately surrealism has not been very fine, there isn't much being created that inspires us, to think. Without surrealism, people wouldn't get any ideas to invent, even if they would, it would be a lot slower. You need creative minds in the world, because they are the ones separating us from the animals, they make us what the human mind is; creative, imaginative, smart and inventive.

About the Author: Dmytro Lipchenko is the founder of Silencer299 (http:\\ a website focusing on the Flash animation computer music and free articles.

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